Our Story Part 2 – The First Negotiations

The red wine was flowing and our words were loose. We were holed up in our bed and breakfast after our hike. I was lobbying to have separate room sex because I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing him with another woman. His response was that I wasn’t ready for opening the relationship if I couldn’t stomach the thought of seeing him with someone else. He was pressing for same room sex because he couldn’t tolerate the thought of me running off in another room with another man. My voice was shrill as I threw it back in his face that maybe he wasn’t ready for this either. We threw up our hands in a moment of surrender as we were at an impasse. We tabled the conversation and quickly skimmed Opening Up before starting again.

When the conversation resumed, we went back to common ground. Because him and I initially got together so young, we didn’t have a lot of experience dating others so we agreed that we wanted to experiment. Swinging seemed safest to us because it was mostly physically driven and couple’s oriented. We told each other that if we didn’t like it after a couple of months we would close back up indefinitely. I conceded to try same room first with a promise from him that we would eventually try separate rooms. As our holiday weekend came to a close, we had an air of excitement between us. While stuck in traffic on the drive to the airport we posted a profile on a popular swinging site. In the airport we eagerly huddled over our phone browsing profiles. We did not predict how wildly successful our profile would be or that our entire lives would change within a week of posting it.

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