Our Story Part 3 – The Swinging Adventures

happy marriageI’ll be honest. When I first thought of “swingers”, I had a vision in my head of not-so-attractive people transplanted from scenes of 1970’s key parties. To find swingers who were young, attractive, and highly educated was like stumbling into an alternate universe. What do swingers look like? They look like your average office employees, managers, hair stylists, lawyers, city planners, artists, stay at home parents, doctors, preschool teachers, professors, and college and graduate students. Some are married, some aren’t married, and many were in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Within the first week of our profile posted, we were overwhelmed with messages. Our sleepy marriage-life weekends were transformed into an electrifying dating life that had been long lost between us. Oh sure, we went on weekly date nights, but incorporating new people was like injecting a bolt of energy into our evenings.

We had no expectation of doing anything other than meeting people for drinks, but we found ourselves in an impromptu full swap situation with the third couple we met. The conversation flowed between us like long-lost old friends. Allen and Joy were more experienced than us so when they smoothly invited us back to their place to continue the fun, we didn’t think twice. While we were there, it felt natural as the laughs and drinks kept rolling. Their seduction was simple. They treated us like long-lost friends and slowly increased the physical flirting. It wasn’t until we were all nearly naked when Joy stopped us and encouraged my husband and I to have a “pow-wow”. Him and I had gotten so caught up in the moment that we didn’t realize how dangerously close we were to crossing a line in our marriage. We had gone from zero to sixty within a week and were at the point of no return. After quick checks with each other, we plunged into the pool.

The same room experience was nothing like what I expected. Instead of being jealous, I felt vibrant in my sexuality when I moved from my husband to another man. Seeing my husband with another woman was not as threatening as I had feared. To the contrary I liked seeing him happy and pleasured. On the drive back home in the morning my husband turned to me and said, “Are you okay?” I nodded and said that I was but he still seemed cautious. “Are you sure? I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.” I shrugged and assured him that I was actually okay and reaffirmed that it was a fantastic evening. For some time afterwards, we waited for the monogamy trap to close upon us, but it never did.

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