Our Story Part 4 – Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

To have invitations to an underworld of secret parties, cliques, and meet-ups was thrilling. But there was one couple in particular who changed our trajectory of open relationships: Brad and Amy. From the first date with Brad and Amy, we knew that there was something special about them. Strangely it was as though we were meeting reflections of ourselves when we met them. Indeed, Brad was a male version of myself in that we had similar physical features, temperaments, personality types, and caretaking roles we play in relationships. Similarly, Amy was a female reflection of my husband. This was the first time my husband and I experienced meeting needs outside of each other. My husband and I overlap in many ways, but Brad and Amy met needs beyond the gap.

Initially we confined our relationship with them to the swinging clique. We went to the same parties but also started also dated them on the side. The dating became intoxicating, to put it mildly. We all craved time with each other and talked about each other often. They told us one night over at their place that we were the first couple with whom they felt a real compatibility for. We all marveled at how perfect the chemistry was between all of us. Months into our relationship, we had all but fallen out of the swinging community. We’d get invites to parties or dates, but we would decline as would they. It makes sense really. If you have a choice of a powerful incredible connection or a random semi-impersonal fling, what would you choose? Naturally, we chose each other. We were collectively tumbling down a rabbit hole of a beautiful four-way connection.

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