Our Story Part 15 – The Renegotiation


After we healed from our experience with Brad and Amy, we did some soul searching about how to continue. We realized that the highlights were the solo portions – the separate dates and overnights. We knew that we wanted to pursue that again but also knew that the likelihood of finding a couple where all four people connected at the same level would be impossible. This meant we were faced with opening up our relationship to separate dating which was much scarier to us. Putting up separate dating profiles and doing it with a stranger came with a different set of emotional hurdles.

We felt like we could handle it and took it very slowly. My husband was the more fearful one so he went on several dates first. I spent a month emailing and texting my first person before I met him. Then we went on several platonic dates and let my husband give his approval before attempting a physical relationship.

Our strategy was successful. Unlike the break-neck speed race into the swinging world, we approached separate dating with caution and made sure everyone felt safe at all times. The only times we didn’t feel safe is when we jumped ahead too quickly without realizing it or didn’t calibrate our expectations for communication correctly. However, because our communication skills had been honed and strengthened through our experiences, these small issues created manageable ripples in our life instead of tidal waves of fear and anger.

Relatively quickly, we blossomed into a full poly and open lifestyle. We maintain the primacy of our relationship but many rules have been changed and updated. We’ve traveled with partners, have routine overnights with them, and can fall in love with them too, should we desire it.

It’s been liberating and has fostered an incredible amount growth. For me, I have learned to give myself freely and to experience the full spectrum of human emotion. I can be vulnerable and safe with others and feel the beauty of the human connection. In many ways, opening up healed many deep wounds which were limiting my ability to truly connect with others. I experience life in its vast richness and don’t hide my inner light.

We both are incredibly happy. Can everybody successfully open a relationship? Probably not. Are there some lessons we learned that we can share for those interested? Definitely.

3 thoughts on “Our Story Part 15 – The Renegotiation

  1. I’m so happy to read this post! Opening our marriage was the best thing my hubby and I have done. We’re closer than ever, and have learned so much about each other and ourselves. I hope you keep writing about your open experiences 🙂

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    1. I love reading your post. I hope you don’t stop posting things about your life. I wish I had a partner to experience my journey of sexual freedom with. Since I’m a just a single person this lifestyle is hard and processing my feelings without someone to talk to is hard also. I believe I will find my way but it is going to take time. Just like you I have learned a lot about myself too.


  2. I love reading your post. I wish I had a partner with me to experience my journey to sexual freedom instead doing it alone. I have learned a lot about joining couples but also have a hard time processing feelings. I believe one day I will get to a point where I can be fully confident and comfortable. It’s just hard not having anyone to talk to about it. Hope you continue your blog. It’s amazing!


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